We compare the prices of items at your local grocery stores.


Bellingham’s most popular and affordable grocery stores.


Bellingham is home to a variety of grocery stores ranging from Trader Joe’s to Safeway, Costco and many more, but how do they compare?

Washington’s Favorite Grocery Store Comparison

According to SafeGraph, a data company that uses anonymous mobile data to measure foot traffic, these are the most popular grocery stores in Washington state, measured in foot traffic, by month.

In Washington State, Walmart was a top competitor and was the most popular grocery store for walk-in customers in 2021, and started 2022 with more than 760,000 visitors in January. Costco and Safeway were also popular. According to SafeGraph, the least popular grocery store for walk-in customers in 2021 in Washington was Winco Foods, which averaged about 50,000 visitors each month.

Compare the prices

Foot traffic information can tell us which stores are most popular with walk-in customers, but how do these stores compare in price and accessibility?

A 2019 study by analysts at Bank of America Merrill compared top grocery stores Walmart, Target, Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Publix.

Walmart had the cheapest prices overall and Whole Foods was the most expensive.

The study compared the prices of 54 items in stores in the Atlanta metro area, such as dairy, meat, packaged foods and fresh produce. The total for the shopping trip was $119.44 at Walmart, followed by $126.35 at Target, Kroger at $128.74, Sprouts Farmers Market at $134.95, $147.02 at Publix and the total the highest for the same items of $167.01 at Whole Foods.

But how do prices compare to Bellingham?

The Bellingham Herald has compared a few items online at stores near you to show you where you can get the most out of them.

gallon of milk

At Fred Meyer, a gallon of 2% milk is $2.99, followed by Walmart with a price of $3.36 and Whole Foods Market with 2% organic milk for $6.99.


For boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Bellingham’s Fred Meyer store has the cheapest price per pound. Located at the store’s meat counter service, their chicken is $3.99 a pound, followed closely by Walmart’s pre-packaged option for $4.70 a pound and Whole Foods’ meat counter service option. Market for $4.90 per pound.


For an 8.9 oz. box of Cheerios cereal, Walmart had the cheapest price at $3.28, beating Fred Meyer’s price of $3.29 by a single penny. Whole Foods Market wasn’t too far behind, with a box of Cheerios going for $3.99.


The price of eggs varies by size, quality, and color, but here are the cheapest prices for a dozen eggs at your local grocery stores. The most affordable option was at Fred Meyer, which had large Kroger Grade AA eggs for $1.69 a dozen. Next up was Whole Foods, whose Grade A Outdoor Access large white eggs were $3.29 a dozen. Walmart showed a few options online for pickup, with the lowest price being Eggland’s Best Large Cage Free White Eggs which cost $3.32 a dozen.

loaf of bread

The price of a loaf of bread can vary by type, size, and brand, but here are the cheapest prices for a loaf of sandwich bread at your local grocery stores. The most affordable price is at Walmart, where a 20-ounce loaf of white or wheat bread is $0.84. Fred Meyer also offers a variety of 20-ounce loaves for $1.49. Finally, Whole Foods Market follows with a variety of 24-ounce loaves for $3.19 each.

This story was originally published February 24, 2022 12:00 p.m.

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