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Inside Croydon, a paid Labor official – and the local candidate’s election agent – ​​rallying allies to overwhelm the election intentions poll

Election agent for Croydon mayoral candidate Val Shawcross was caught asking his allies to vote for her in a local newspaper’s poll, according to Inside Croydon

A paid Labor staffer, who also acts as an election agent for the party’s candidate for mayor of Croydon, was caught trying to fix a voting intentions poll according to the local newspaper Inside Croydon. The campaign, believed to be led by right-wing MP Steve Reed, is causing ‘growing concern’ – so the staffer, Reed’s former parliamentary staffer, decided he needed help to avoid unpopularity of his candidate and asked members of a WhatsApp group to access the Inside Croydon site and boost the tally of Val Shawcross, who is believed to be closely linked to the circles of Labor general secretary David Evans:

We need to talk about this…Gang can you go over there and vote for Val Shawcross and Labor at the bottom of the page….

Vote from as many devices as possible.

Inside Croydon poll quoted on Labor WhatsApp group

Despite her high-profile support, with Keir Starmer, David Lammy, Rachel Reeves and others appearing in Croydon to try to boost her, the campaign appears to be going poorly and it appears canvassing teams are made up almost exclusively of local councilors and party officials with local representatives. militants who were conspicuous by their absence – a routine situation now for the party.

And the attempt to stack the poll seems to have failed: Shawcross’ numbers are worse now than they were before the scheme:

Andrew Pelling is a former Conservative MP for Croydon Central who became a Labor councilor but was then kicked out earlier this year after being the only Labor councilor to vote against cuts to vital services.

Croydon Labor is deep Starmerian territory. It seems the Brylcreemed-one regime is worried that the people of Croydon have had enough.

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