Peapod founders make shopping for special dietary needs easier with new app and website

Imagine that you are avoiding or have an allergy to nuts. You can now walk into any Walmart, go to on your phone, filter by “nuts none” and start scanning the barcodes of the items you wish to purchase. The scan tool will notify you if the item you want to purchase does not match your filter. You can then decide whether or not it makes sense for you to purchase the item.

This is all courtesy of the latest company from Peapod co-founders, Sifter.Shop, a tool that allows online grocery shoppers to quickly sort out banned ingredients in food – but this time the grocers delivering the goods are Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, Mariano’s, Target, and Walmart, among others.

For example, if you or a family member has diabetes or has Celiac, Crohn’s or Lyme disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or other special dietary needs, you can go to the Sifter.Shop website. and apply filters using “SiftTags” to remove nuts, gluten, allergens, shellfish, added sugar content, foods that conflict with prescription drugs and other special diets .

Starting January 12, you can use Sifter’s new free app to scan grocery items in person at Walmart. Shoppers can find the Walmart Shop-by-Diet tool at to scan ingredient labels on grocery items in store aisles.

Shoppers can find the Walmart Shop-by-Diet tool at to scan ingredient labels on grocery items in store aisles.
Elana Margolis

Andrew Parkinson, who, along with his brother Thomas, founded online grocery delivery pioneer Peapod, said his own conditions – diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome – force him to choose meatless and gluten-free products. , but he must make sure that they are weak. in salt and sugar. He should also avoid foods like garlic and onions.

Her search for mayonnaise using SiftTags on the Sifter website, for example, immediately resulted in a 17 listing of 171 items in a store’s online grocery selection. The definitions of low sodium and no added sugar are in accordance with USDA and United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

“Our passion is to make healthy eating easy for everyone, and we believe Walmart’s Shop-by-Diet tool will help millions of its customers better manage their health through diet and nutrition.” , said Andrew Parkinson.

Buyers use categories called SiftTags, such as

Shoppers use categories called SiftTags, such as “Clean-style” – with no added sugars or nuts – to search the Sift.Shop website for the type of ketchup, for example, that they want to buy online.
Elana Margolis

The Parkinsons launched Sifter.Shop in February 2021 as a ‘nutrition as a service’ business, giving every online grocery shopper the ability to choose only foods that meet specific dietary needs through the site. Retailer’s web. This is how Sifter makes money – with subscriptions to retailer databases.

They also hired over 50 dietitians and nutritionists to pay to use Sifter.Shop’s license covering its database of over 100,000 products.

Sifter.Shop also allows companies to promote their brands on the site. It helps smaller brands get their stories out there, said Thomas Parkinson.

One example is Primal Kitchen, whose salad dressing is nut, dairy, or gluten-free – the perfect match for people with celiac disease and allergic to dairy, casein, or nuts.

The company reflects how health and wellness is expected to become even more personalized over the next five years, said Judy Seybold, nutritionist and registered dietitian for nearly 30 years, and director of nutrition at Sifter.Shop .

“Before, health was one size fits all healthy food. Now it’s allergy, keto, vegan and specific diets for people with heart disease, ”said Seybold, who identifies diets and works with the Sifter tech team to automate the rules for sifting ingredients. The sieve has over 30 team members.

Sifter.Shop offers a similar tool called RecipeSifter, which analyzes recipes to show which ingredients are suitable and which can cause dietary issues.

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