PDP and APC in full exchange on electoral violence and allegations of rigging

From Joseph Obukata, Warri

the The Delta State chapters of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) are embroiled in a war of words over election violence and rigged claims in the state.

It was learned that the unrest in the two parties began after Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, representing the Senatorial District of Delta North, accused the PDP, his former party before his defection to the APC, of ​​rigging successive elections. in the state.

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“There is no rig plan that I don’t know about. The battle has begun. It is total war. Not war involving the use of firearms; but they will have themselves to blame if they try that,” Nwaoboshi said of the PDP rig conspiracy while congratulating the newly sworn in-state APC Exco last week.

But his statement was not well received by the PDP who refuted the allegation even as he described Nwaoboshi as “an attention-seeking scoundrel and a failed politician” who lost his usefulness in the party before join the APC.

The ruling party in the state in a statement titled: “We are not a party of violence, Delta PDP says to Nwaoboshi” signed by its publicity secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, said:

“We are even surprised that a politician who made all his political fortunes under the stable umbrella of the PDP would make comments suggesting trickery and violence. Ironically, we do not recall any extraordinary incidences of trickery and violence in the two senatorial elections that Senator Nwaoboshi won under the PDP, or is he now confessing to the world that he won his senatorial election victories through violence and rigging? upset his face.

Osuosa liked Nwaoboshi to an Okro plant that does not grow taller than the person who planted it, saying that the PDP would continue to effortlessly bend Nwaoboshi to his waist and cut him without any qualms or stress.

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“We have no reason to doubt that such comments were uttered by Chief Nwaoboshi, as they are not remarkably different from his generally verbose and childish remarks, in his futility of discrediting the PDP, since he jumped into the sinking APC boat, in the supposed hope of temporarily escaping the impending indictment of a forensic audit report already done and dusted.

“Peter Nwaoboshi knows that the PDP is not a party of violence and we have no reason to rig an election because the PDP is the most popular, organized, prepared and beloved party of the Deltans, widely accepted and unanimously embraced across the length and breadth, nooks and crannies of the entire Delta State.

But in reaction, Delta APC, in a statement by its publicity manager, Dr. Omene Odafe, ridiculed the PDP saying he was rattled by the resurgence of the APC in the state, hence the seething attack on Nwaoboshi.

“Far from Senator Nwaoboshi losing his usefulness to the PDP, it is the PDP that lost a rare and remarkable gem of political sagacity and ingenuity to Nwaoboshi, when they were foolish enough to lose it to the APC.

“In fact, while claiming that Nwaoboshi’s exit is not a headache for the PDP, by continuously obsessing over the veteran political grandmaster since his defection, the PDP had only unwittingly exposed the fact that he was afraid of him and Governor Okowa, in particular, suddenly found that the prospects for his political future were quite bleak for the future.

“The PDP has always been the party of violence and brutality, of thumbprinting and snatching ballot boxes, murdering people, stealing votes and sharing money! Senator Nwaoboshi was simply pointing out that with the inauguration of a new executive, the APC is now fully on the ground to save Delta State from what would ultimately amount to 24 years of kleptomaniac mismanagement under the DPP. ‘by 2023.’

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