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Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) – not to be confused with the Oxford English Dictionary – is a free online dictionary of the current language and practical use, and the last words to be entered are read as if they came from the updating the status of a teenager.

The ODO quarterly update for August 2012 includes a number of terms that have recently become mainstream, many of which have been influenced by technology and online communities.

In the same way ‘lolz‘, we have now ‘mwahahaha‘,’cry‘,’brah‘,’Hello‘,’ridiculous‘ and ‘dumbass‘. Words that would be used daily in the tech world, such as “hackathon,” “e-learning,” and “UX,” also made note, along with commonly used online phrases like “”hat tip‘and’ photobomb ‘.

We also have lesser-known terms, such as “lifecasting” (the practice of broadcasting a continuous, live stream of video material over the Internet that documents one’s day-to-day activities) and “ethical hacking” (a person hacking into a computer network in order to to test or assess its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent) and “Wikipedians” – which I’m sure you can guess the meaning of.

Some added terms are surprising, as you would think they would have been listed before, such as “genie”, “inbox”, “video chat” and the phrase “vote someone / something off the island”.

Oh and ‘vajazzle‘also did. May God have mercy on us all.

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