Mike Wilkinson’s “Miss BeeHaving”, A Rare Aircraft Show Truck

“Miss BeeHaving” is owner-operator Mike Wilkinson’s Kenworth T680 aero show truck – something of a rare sight among traditional show pieces with more square angles. The truck was among those on display at the 2021 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Work Truck Show in Hampshire, Ill., Where it placed second in the tractor division.

Wilkinson, which is leased to Floyd Gibbons Trucking in Brunner, Ontario, Canada, pulls a low bed carrying mainly agricultural machinery and oversized cargo from Canada to the United States. This platform is the second yellow truck purchased by Wilkinson. He says with this truck he wanted to go against the grain, so he specified an aero T680, then added the green and black stripes.

With the help of Jim Higgins of Higgins Designs and 12 Gauge Customs, Wilkinson got the stripes to match the lines of the truck’s body.

Among the custom upgrades: the 12 gauge visor; Aranda front bumper; also 12 gauge deck plate, rear T-bar and fenders; light panels; taxi skirts and much more.

Honeycomb padding in Mike Wilkinson's 2020 Kenworth T680The well-appointed interior, with unique honeycomb style padding to match the “Miss BeeHaving” nickname, was produced by J. Richards Interior and Stitch Custom Interiors, who produced the seats and door panels.

Under the hood is a 510 horsepower Paccar MX13 with 18 speeds and 3:55 at the rear.

More photos of the truck follow – also find plenty of views in the video at the top.

Mike Wilkinson's 2020 Kenworth T680 at nightWilkinson doubled the front bumper with green lights and also added green underlight lights.

Mike Wilkinson's 'Miss Beehaving' 2020 Kenworth T680The truck’s name, Miss BeeHaving, features prominently on the back of the cab.

Honeycomb pattern in the door of Mike Wilkinson's 2020 Kenworth T680The yellow and black interior theme matches the exterior of the deck. The yellow coating on the door panels features a honeycomb pattern to go with the “Miss BeeHaving” theme.

Mike Wilkinson's 2020 Kenworth T680 Sleeper with Sound SystemWilkinson added a JL Audio stereo system to his bunk. The yellow upholstery throughout the bunk features the same honeycomb pattern as the yellow upholstery throughout the cabin.

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