Lawsuit filed against trucking companies and more after construction worker fatally pulled over in back of flatbed

The family of a construction worker who died on the job filed a lawsuit against the construction and trucking companies involved in the construction project.

The accident happened on October 9, 2019, but the lawsuit was not filed until late 2021. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Ameream LLC and its management; Triple Five Group of Companies; and trucking and construction companies also involved at the site. The lawsuit was filed by the victim’s father, Roy H. Papenfuhs and Chryle Wright, the administrator of the victim’s estate.

According to New Jersey News, Eric Papenfuhs, 37, was driving a Bobcat vehicle when it hit the back of a flatbed truck parked “on an insufficiently marked road” in a dark parking lot at the mall where they worked in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Papenfuhs died as a result of the accident.

“Papenfuhs could not see the improperly parked trailer prior to the collision,” the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit goes on to say that the area lacked sufficient overhead lighting, which created unsafe working conditions.

The lawsuit says Papenfuhs suffered immense pain, anxiety, mental anguish and “fear of imminent death” as a result of the accident caused by unsafe working conditions. The lawsuit asks for information about insurance coverage, unspecified damages and a jury trial.

American Dream did not respond to requests for comment, and attorneys for a trucking company named in the lawsuit denied any wrongdoing.

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