Law Enforcement Warns Consumers of Counterfeit and Counterfeit Products

CHICAGO – With people busy shopping for Christmas presents, federal law enforcement is warning shoppers about counterfeit goods.

Officials said consumers really need to follow the golden rule when it comes to buying anything, but they need to be especially careful online. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Customs and border officials are doing what they can to prevent counterfeits from entering the country.

In addition to obtaining a counterfeit product, CBP has said that counterfeit products have an impact on the economy and the global supply chain.

Some of the counterfeit items, including fake Gucci and Chanel items, were confiscated in the Port of Chicago on Tuesday. Some of the fake handbag watches and even Christmas lights arrive in large and small shipments from overseas. There is also a safety risk, mainly because you don’t know what the products are made of and if they may present a fire hazard.

Many products come from China, the Philippines and parts of Africa and the impact is real.

The Border Patrol said last year the Port of Chicago seized $ 7.8 million in counterfeit goods.

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