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Jhansi: As more children participate in online activities due to the ongoing corona pandemic, Jhansi’s cyber police station recently encountered a few cases where children who are addicted to online games have been found deceiving their parents into purchasing gambling products online amounting to over Rs 11 lakh.
This sensational revelation came out in three recently reported cases in the three districts falling under the Jhansi Range – Jalaun and Lalitpur and Jhansi.
SP (City) Vivek Tripathi, who is also its nodal leader, said a city nurse recently approached the police station with a complaint that someone had fraudulently withdrawn Rs 7.55 lakh from their account. “During the investigation, it was discovered that it was his own nephew who had committed the fraud. Since he was addicted to one of these games, he bought a 5G virtual mobile phone and a number of weapons and ammunition for the game. The stunned nurse then resumed his complaint, ”the SP said.
An entrepreneur based in Lalitpur in his report filed with the cybercell alleged that Rs 1.5 lakh was mysteriously missing from his account. After investigation by Cyber ​​Wing, it was discovered that his own son, addicted to online games, was involved. He too had bought a 5G virtual mobile phone and other equipment.
In another reported case in Jalaun district, a boy bought a cell phone and other equipment worth Rs 2 lakh. The case arose after his father approached the cyber police station.
In all three cases, the victims withdrew their complaints after learning that their own parents had been involved in making online payments through portals whose details were ignored by elders.
Speaking to TOI, DIG Jhansi range Jogendra Kumar said that since the transactions were legal, therefore no action could be taken against the selling company. “I call on parents to be vigilant about their online transactions and never share details, even with their children.”
They should keep an eye on their children’s online browsing when engaged in online studies which are essential, but from time to time they should scrutinize their other online activities, he added.


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