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There are many ways to promote a game online. It may seem like the best and unique games don’t need any promotion – they are promoted on their own, by the world of mouth shared by their passionate fans. Yet any popular game was once unknown to a large audience. To start your online game promotion, think about social media. These are the best tools for this purpose because they are free and engaging. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create winning social media posts to retain your loyal users and capture potentials.

Live Events

All popular and less popular games always have a fan base. United by this hobby, they are often eager to participate in gaming-related events, participate in live broadcasts, and compete with each other for a prize or just for fun.

Social media posts are tools to get them involved in your next promotional event. Moreover, you can generate their interest gradually. Intrigue them by stating that your development team is cooking up a surprise they’ll love and encourage the audience to share their guesses in the comments. In the next post, make a little hint. In the following post, you can set a countdown timer to heat up players’ interest even more.

Share useful tutorials

Tips, tricks, how-tos, and tutorials are some of the most popular types of content across all industries. People are looking for solutions, and this type of content is the way to provide them with a way out and involve them even more in your game.

Here is what you can do. Check out the trickier spots in your game that most users struggle with. Then come up with a tutorial and explain how to overcome it, but make sure that users have to pay something, for example, for a new weapon or superpower, to solve the challenge.

Excited by your game and the existence of the solution, they are likely to invest their money for the chance to continue playing.

Integrate graphics

Regardless of the social media platform, using graphics is always a winning strategy. For example, if you want to sell an art object through social media, creating a post without graphics makes absolutely no sense. When it comes to social media posts about online games, you can use screenshots, branding images, as well as gifs and memes. The latter will be of particular interest to your users when they are created with your gaming context in mind.

You can also consider creating infographics, for example, to showcase your game’s success, popularity growth, and demand. Your players would like to know this data because most of them, quite possibly, assess the sense of belonging to your gaming community.

Also, don’t forget to use branded and general hashtags to make your social media posts easier to find.

Consider partnering with an influencer

Creating social media posts in partnership with an influencer is the opportunity to discover how to create winning advertising content, and to attract new target audiences. If your game isn’t as popular as the top gaming solutions, consider partnering with a micro-influencer. Using their promotion services is quite affordable, and they have more confident relationships with their subscribers.

Create stories

Storytelling is a pretty powerful marketing approach when used correctly. To promote your game online on social media, you can also use storytelling tools. The perfect strategy is to connect a story with a new release, some kind of update, or some other hot item in your business.

To come up with a compelling story that your players will read to the end, be honest and transparent. This is what modern users value, regardless of the business niche. Be interesting nonetheless, and don’t stray too far from your game idea. You can also consider the best writers online to help you create an interesting and engaging story. Find them on the Online Writers’ Review Editing Services Reviews Platform and contact any of your choices.


Promoting your game online through social media is the right strategy. Most social platforms offer lots of free and paid opportunities to promote and attract new users. Consider the demographics and preferences of your players, choose the most appropriate social media, and create engaging posts.

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