How to Unlock/Uncap Genshin Impact FPS on PC

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games around, but it’s not usually played on PC. In fact, the console versions of the game are themselves an afterthought. Genshin Impact is configured such that all of its versions and ports are downstream from the mobile version of the game, which is the flagship version. As a result, the game’s pretty barebones by the standards of other gaming platforms, especially PC. In this article, we will explain how you can unlock/unclog Genshin Impact FPS on PC.

Genshin Impact engine and FPS locks/caps

Since Genshin is a mobile game first, a console game second, and a PC game last, it was never really designed with high frame rates in mind. In the world of consoles and phones, 60 FPS is slick, and going beyond that isn’t even really possible for the majority of mobile and console gamers anyway.

Genshin Impact was never really meant to be played on a high-end gaming rig with a fancy gaming monitor where you can crank up the graphics settings and still get hundreds of frames per second. As a result, the PC version is extremely simple.

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You can tweak a few different graphical settings that tweak this or that part of the game, but it’s nothing impressive, and the game doesn’t have many of the features you’d expect from a PC game, like the ability to unblock the framerate, which is otherwise limited to just 60 FPS.

Unfortunately, the game also doesn’t run at a particularly stable 60 FPS. Not because it’s too graphically intensive, mind you, because it’s not, it’s a simplistic game designed to run on low-powered phones, but because the game is particularly well optimized for pc.

Regardless of spec or platform, you’re going to stutter or microstutter from time to time. Depending on your personal setup, it might not be a big deal, giving you the slightest pause here or there, but fading largely into the background, or it might be more noticeable and perpetually leave you feeling like your experience is not smooth.

Oddly enough, some iOS devices support 120 FPS in Genshin Impact. This is a relatively recent addition, but 120 FPS is not locked in perfectly, but the stutter on these versions of the game is similar to the 60 FPS PC version but it feels much more responsive and the stutters are less noticeable in due to increased frame rate.

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How to Unlock FPS in Genshin Impact on PC

Unlock Genshin Impact FPS on PC is possible, but you’ll need a mod to do it. Go to GitHub and download the Genshin Impact FPS Unlocker. The only relevant file is the actual FPS Unlocker application.

Basically, run the FPS Unlocker (as administrator will give you the best results), then start Genshin Impactand the program should automatically find your Genshin Impact deal with it, fix it and let you play the game above 60 FPS, although the program is set to 120 FPS by default, which can be adjusted.

As a caveat, be careful when using a mod with Genshin Impact. There is no reason for this FPS Unlocker mod to give you any trouble, but whenever you mod an online game of this nature, you need to be careful. Bans are handed out quickly and in large numbers for such a popular game, and if you’re mistakenly flagged for some sort of suspicious activity because of a mod, you might not end up with a lot of options.

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However, this existential fear aside, there is another more pressing reason why you might not want to use this mod to unlock Genshin Impact FPS on PC: performance. This FPS Unlocker does indeed unlock your FPS, but that only makes game stutter more problematic. When uncapped, stuttering becomes a common problem on many different platforms.

What was once an occasional distraction is becoming a constant annoyance, or so it is for many. Your mileage may vary, as everyone’s platform is different, but given the nature of engine performance on PC, it makes sense that running the game at higher frame rates wouldn’t be so easy, because then the mode would have simply been included in the official PC version.

Either way, it’s likely to be a trade-off: stutter more but enjoy higher frame rates, or suffer lower frame rates but experience smoother overall performance. These are unfortunately not good options, but the situation could improve.

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Over time, more features may be added to the PC version of the game. If iOS can get a working 120 FPS mode, then maybe PC can too. In addition, the PC can also receive all kinds of other features to improve performance, such as DLSS support for one.

Now, there’s not much evidence to suggest these things are coming in the near future, but if the game continues to be extraordinarily popular and the PC version remains active, over time fixes are absolutely possible. Also, with Steam Deck, there could be a renewed interest in PC gaming.

In a strange turn of events, the best way to play Genshin Impact is to play on a 120 FPS compatible iOS device, such as a new iPhone or iPad. It’s a rare thing to see a mobile version of a game outperform a PC version, but given the nature of Genshin Impact as a mobile-first experience, it makes sense.

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