How to unlock more Gemstone Trader items in Final Fantasy XIV Online

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Various items and resources are scattered throughout Final Fantasy XIV Online. You will have to work while playing the game to receive them, which means doing all you can to complete specific objectives and tasks to earn them. One place that you will want to visit frequently is the Gemstone Traders. These traders trade two-tone gemstones with you for a selection of items. But you can unlock more. Here’s what you need to know to unlock more Gemstone Trader items in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only way to unlock more items in a specific Gemstone Trader in Final Fantasy XIV is to complete the various FATEs scattered around the area. These areas relate strictly to the 6.0 slots introduced in the Endwalker expansion. You can track the number of FATEs you have completed in a region by opening the shared FATE in the main travel menu. Each region is assigned a rank, and you can increase your rank as you complete all of the FATEs.

Each of the gemstone traders in Final Fantasy XIV needs two-tone gems. You can receive these gems after completing FATEs in these areas, so the more of them you complete, the more Bi-Color Gems you will have in your inventory to purchase the items available from the vendors.

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