Graphics card shortage as scalpers take on Christmas

Santa might be able to bring you most of the things this Christmas if you’re on his nice list, that is. Sadly, however, he is unlikely to be able to get his hands on graphics cards as the global shortage continues, much to the disappointment of millions of people.

To suggest that millions of people will be disappointed by the news that the graphics card shortage is expected to rage through 2022 and beyond may seem overly dramatic. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this has been a persistent problem for over a year, which has led scalpers to take advantage of the situation and charge ridiculous amounts to those who want to do business now.

And it’s not just PC builders and custom rigs that need graphics cards that are like gold dust every minute. Another customer currently looking for premium cards is online casinos that host live content. Without them, this means that the lag can occur, which can then lead to distrust of the players. when streaming live casino games and more.

So, you might be wondering what caused the global shortage? Well, it’s pretty straightforward, really. There is a permanent shortage of semiconductor supplies, and they are a crucial part when it comes to manufacturing graphics cards. And it all started in early 2020, and it goes way beyond GFX cards as well.

At the time of writing, experts believe the current situation will continue until early 2022, which will be great news for scalpers. It’s likely that price hikes and sky-high cards on sites like eBay will continue until next summer, in hopes that things will start to stabilize from there. So, it could be around this time next year before the supply returns to normal and at reasonable prices.

Another industry impacting graphics cards is cryptography. The thirst for cards has increased dramatically because those who crypto mining need it in large quantities. And that, in part, has made it difficult for manufacturers to meet continued demand. However, there may be a decrease in this area over the next six to twelve months, which would be very beneficial.

Chip-dependent Nvidia is making contingency plans to switch from Samsung, which can’t produce the goods fast enough, to TSMC, for its next-gen GPUs. It’s a smart move that should prevent further problems from arising with regards to supply and demand.

So, for now, it’s as you were. And, when the time is right and supply begins to increase, manufacturers will have work to do as they seek to navigate their way through the massive backlog that has built up over a two-year period. . This should then continue as usual, with the scalpers moving to their next target.

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