Family seeks undetermined amount in lawsuit against truck driver and company over crash that killed father and son

A family is suing a lorry driver and his business over an accident that killed a father and son in September last year.

The accident involving truck driver Yorkwind Crawford happened on Interstate 80 near Lincoln, Nebraska. Mark Kaipust, 41, and Taylor Kaipust, 7, were killed in the incident. Initially, Crawford was charged with two counts of motor vehicle homicide – reckless/willful, but those charges were later changed to just motor vehicle homicide. Crawoford pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor homicide while driving a vehicle in February, reported ABC News 7.

The lawsuit against Crawford and the company he worked for, Critical Supply Solutions, Inc., seeks damages for pain and suffering, funeral and burial expenses, body transportation costs, and d other damage. No specific dollar amount is listed in the lawsuit, but damages could exceed more than $75,000 based on other similar lawsuits.

The lawsuit says Crawford was acting on behalf of Critical Supply Solutions at the time of the sinking and alleges the company failed to properly train Crawford. The lawsuit also alleges that Crawford himself was negligent by following too closely and failing to properly watch while accelerating.

As for the wreckage itself, Crawford says he looked at himself in his rearview mirror in the seconds leading up to the crash, which caused him to crash into the pickup in front of him. After the collision with the van, Crawford’s truck traveled another mile before coming to a stop. Court documents say Crawford “showed no signs [sic] to slow down,” and alleged that Crawford may have been distracted.

“The conduct of the defendants constituted a knowing disregard for the life and safety of Mark Kaipust, Jr. and Taylor Kaipust and for the life and safety of the motoring public generally, and these defendants are therefore liable to the plaintiff for all damages suffered”, the trial reads.

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