Ekiti 2022: APC, PDP impositions will give us victory — Accord party

The Accord Party in Ekiti State has chosen a former presidential aspirant and former statesman, Chief Reuben Famuyibo, as its candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial elections scheduled for June 18, 2022 in the State.

The primary election which is the affirmation of his candidacy was held at Fajuyi Hall in Ado-Ekiti on Friday saw thousands of delegates from sixteen local governments across the state and officials from the party’s national secretariat. Officials from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the DSS and the police were also present.

Accord party national youth leader Abdurahman Muhammed while presenting the party flag to Famuyibo who is one of the founding fathers of Ekiti urged the people to support him and vote for him in order to transform APC’s abyssal decision state.

He said the party offered an alternative to what he described as an unfortunate rule of the PDP and APC, adding that Famuyibo’s candidacy would influence votes for the Accord to impose candidates in the two political parties.

Abdulrahman also added that the party will engage in a door-to-door campaign to ensure that its candidate emerges victorious.

“Today’s exercise was excellent, successful, transparent, free and fair. All the delegates know him and have affirmed his candidacy. Our chances are very clear and the opposition party is in disarray because it has imposed a candidate on it. By our position on the ballot, we are number one and we will sell our candidate by engaging in a door-to-door campaign,” he said.

In his acceptance speech, Famuyibo chastised the APC leadership in the state for what he said was an allegedly selfish agenda by the state governor and his wife in imposing a candidate on the Ekiti people, saying that it would be rejected in the ballot.

The Ado-born politician who quit the All Progressives convention following the governor’s alleged imposition of a nominee said his supporters and other stakeholders inside and outside of the state had endorsed him to be the third force to win the elections.

According to him, “We are here to free Ekiti from the shackles of the governor and his wife. Their time is up and we will resist any form of rigging as it stands.

“There is no industrialization being felt in the state, instead they have amassed wealth. I will ensure that our children have gainful employment.

“The APC and PDP people will know we are a force and I hope they don’t set the state on fire. Let’s see some decency in the process and I pray they don’t rig the election because I’m confident of victory. “

He lamented that “those who have taken over the affairs of the state since the return of democracy do not plan the state well and in order to put the state back on the right track, the Accord party chose me to liberate Ekiti from the PDP and the APC”.


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