Do you have dry skin this Ramadan? Try These Items For The Best Raya Skin

It’s almost the end of Ramadan, and we bet some of us are dealing with super dry skin textures – a common symptom of dehydrated skin. With Hari Raya coming, it’s time to revitalize the skin by incorporating these skin care steps for your best skin ever.

But above all, does fasting cause dry skin? The answer is yes, especially if you don’t hydrate properly after breaking your fast. After all, according to dermatologist Dr. Eman Kotb from Dubai Medcare Hospital, skin is made up of cells that need water to perform their function properly.

If possible, it is recommended to drink about two liters of water during the night, that is, after breaking the fast. But drinking water isn’t your only savior against dry skin — topical products can also contribute significantly to healthier, brighter skin.

From sleeping masks to moisturizers for dry skin, to face mists to spray the face with hydration throughout the day, there will be the one to reset your skin, just in time for Raya.

Skincare products to treat dry skin after the fasting month:

Sleep masks

At times like these, we bring out the big guns. When we sleep, our body is doing its best repair job, so why not provide it with some external support. Plus, this method of moisturizing the skin is so easy, you can literally do it while you sleep.

With powerful ingredients and an extended application time, sleep masks are your best bet for achieving near-instant results. Come morning, remove residue to reveal supple, rejuvenated skin.

These are the proven dry skin saviors that will result in overnight skin success.

Hydrating serums

To energize your skincare routine, serums are the way to go. While brightening and anti-aging may be your ultimate skincare goals, in such cases it’s best to go back to basics and focus on balancing skin tone.

From true hyaluronic acid compounds to the advanced combination of skin plumping squalane and copper peptide, rest assured these hydrating serums will save your dry skin from further flaking or any uncomfortable tight feeling.

Care oil

If you suffered from dry skin even before Ramadan, perhaps consider including a face oil to flood the skin with much-needed moisture. With a multitude of oils to choose from – argan, marula, rosehip, take your pick – there will be one that will bounce your skin back to its healthy, supple state.

Mix it into your moisturizer or apply it before your last step to save your skin from dryness. (PS: If you sleep exclusively with air conditioning, a face oil will protect your skin from the dehydrating air).


In order to prevent transepidermal water loss, an emollient moisturizer might be the one you are looking for. Seal in all those serum benefits with a solid moisturizer and feel the difference. Be sure to use this skincare essential day and night in order to get the full effect.

Whether you prefer lighter gel textures or more creamy cushion-like creams, these moisturizers provide an extra layer of protection against the daily elements.

face mists

Do you suffer from a constant tight feeling on the skin? Maybe a reliable (and travel-friendly) facial mist would be just right for you. Not only does it refresh your skin, but it also reassures you throughout the day.

From the most delicate formulations to a zesty, energizing facial mist, throw it in your daily bag (like your favorite lipsticks) and keep any hint of dry skin at bay.

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