Changes for AggieSurplus, Special Services and Science Store

AggieSurplus closed 2021 by merging with Special Services, then started 2022 with a new location, new hours, and new ways to buy and pay.

The two Supply Chain Management units now operate under the name AggieSurplus and Services. With the November merger came an easier to complete application process as well as overall improved customer service.


The former AggieSurplus store at 650, chemin La Rue is now occupied by the Aggie Supply Scientific Store, which has moved from Haring Hall. The store, another unit of Supply Chain Management, sells only to departments.

Tthe new space is bigger, more central for many departments and includes short-term parking. A grand reopening event is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 27.

The surplus store moved to the Hopkins Service Complex at 615 Hopkins Road, west of Highway 113, joining the service unit there.

AggieSurplus, which offers furniture, equipment and supplies to departments and the public, is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first Thursday and Friday of each month. Short-term parking is available at the Hopkins Service Complex. Customers should follow campus COVID-19 policies, including, for now, completing the daily symptom survey to enter the store and wear face masks indoors. In addition, customers must log in.

Even when shopping in-store, shoppers must use the online platform to complete their transactions – and credit cards are now the only acceptable form of payment. Departments can use acquisition cards when purchasing items for official academic affairs, purchases for personal use can only be made with personal credit cards.

Note: During the eight hours per month that AggieSurplus is physically open, in-store shoppers have priority purchase rights on orders from outside the store for the same item (s).

Shopping at the new AggieSurplus last week. (Katie Ryan / UC Davis)

The online shopping platform divides inventory into several categories, including electronic, household, industrial, laboratory, office supplies, and vehicles. After making purchases, buyers should contact AggieSurplus via email to arrange pickup times.

The service unit provides labor for office and lab moves, furniture installation and reconfiguration, and projects such as installing whiteboards and keyboard trays, and boxing files . The unit also offers rental of office chairs and event equipment, as well as cargo delivery and outbound cargo preparation.

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