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From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Ahead of the February 12 Federal Capital Territory Council poll, the Coalition of Assembly of Young Leaders of the Southern and Middle Belt (COSMBYLA) on Sunday encouraged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to hold transparent and credible.

COSMBYLA Chief, Goodluck Ibem in a statement urged INEC to also sensitize the electorate in Abuja to turn out in numbers to elect their representatives.

Ibem, who also serves as the general chairman of the Coalition of Young Leaders of the South East (COSEYL), said: “The electoral empire is a body created by law to organize credible elections and not a tool of the party in the power to rig or frame elections. results in favor of the ruling party.

“INEC must remain impartial in elections and that is what it must be.

“INEC should give proper education and information to voters, especially those who are not literate, to avoid voter errors or fingerprinting of invalid votes.

“Nigerians living within the FCT who are eligible to vote should come out in droves to exercise their franchise without fear or favor which is their constitutional duty and right. The vote of every Nigerian citizen is their power and that power should be exercised wisely.

“We call on the security agencies to ensure that INEC staff and voters who come to vote are given maximum protection by them. Stories of how an INEC staff member was adopted and forced to write election results or declare a winner a loser will not be entertained.

“Local government is the third tire of government created by law to bring government closer to the people. It is at this level that young people, women and men can directly benefit from or gain access to government.

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“Any bad electoral practice at the local level is a direct attack on the people, especially the young people, because they are always the recipients.

“This upcoming local government election on Saturday in Abuja is a litmus test for the 2023 general elections. if there are any forms of irregularities of any kind that we young people will resist, then that means there is no future in 2023.

“We call on voters to ensure that the position is put after the vote and that the results of the elections are announced in the various draw centers and that the agents of each party collect their own copies of the results sheets and that the people escort the results to the final collection centers for the subsequent declaration of the winners by the INEC.

“We can only save our dear country by protecting our elections so that criminals and people of questionable character do not appear as holders of political offices.

“Posterity may not forgive us if we continue to deceive ourselves. We have to do it right. Saturday, February 12, 2022 is a date when INEC must get it right by holding credible elections while the electorate votes for the candidates of their choice without any undue influence or financial inducement.

“When you’re married to your mistakes, you keep giving birth to regrets. We can’t afford to make mistakes this time around, we have to get it right.

“We call on INEC to ensure that the right thing is done in delivering credible elections and we warn anyone considering rigging elections or disrupting elections to stay away or face the youth.

“We therefore call on the United Nations, the international community and democracy lovers around the world to deploy sufficient personnel to monitor the elections to ensure that the electorate and all parties involved play by the established rules and the best democracies. of the world. practice of credible polls.

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