Carlos Maeder: “It means a lot to raise the flag of Ghana as a winter sports nation”

He follows fellow skiers Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, known as the “snow leopard”, who competed at Vancouver 2010, and Akwasi Frimpong, who competed in the men’s skeleton event at PyeongChang 2018.

“It means a lot to raise the flag of Ghana as a winter sports nation,” he said. He is well aware that they have little chance of winning a medal, but what matters is that he can compete with the best on the big stage. Events in Beijing will be available for betting on the Bet online platform.

Maeder’s journey to gaming has not been without its challenges, according to his blog:

“As my mother was alone and could not feed me, she had to give me up for adoption.

“I was adopted by a Swiss family and grew up in the heart of Switzerland. Thanks to my Swiss parents, who maintained contact with my mother, I have remained in contact with Ghanaian culture throughout my life. I travel as much as possible to Cape Coast to visit my extended family.

The former footballer started skiing at the age of three, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he resumed his skiing career after a long break.

“I was better at football but skiing was always part of me. I wanted to qualify for PyeongChang but I didn’t know the qualifying window was two years so I missed the first year,” said revealed Maeder.

Maeder, who is ranked 2,443rd in the world in giant slalom, qualified for the Olympics in part because of changes to qualification requirements aimed at producing a more diverse range of athletes.

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Aware that athletes from rich, cold countries have dominated skiing for years, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the highest international governing body in skiing have attempted to make the sport more open by implementing a quota system that lowers the qualification standard.

However, these changes added a sour note to what was to be a well-meaning diversity initiative. It has raised questions about whether skiers tried to rig a system designed to give them the best chance of qualification and whether the Olympics can be both an elite competition and a global sporting festival.

According to critics, there have been allegations of rigging by skiers at three events scheduled in the final weeks of the Olympic qualification cycle. The International Ski Federation said it was reviewing the results of the races, which took place in December and January, and that anyone breaking the rules faced penalties.

The federation has not revealed which races it is considering, although there have only been four during this period. He also asked the IOC to change its quota system to accommodate more qualified competitive skiers. This year, Austria obtained two additional places, France and Germany obtaining one each.

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