CAPP accuses IPAC of bias against PDP, Adeleke –

The Alliance of Collaborating Political Parties (ACPP), which consists of groups and political parties based in Osun, alleged that the recent activities of the Osun State chapter of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) under the leadership of a certain Wale Adebayo, were against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate in the upcoming poll, Ademola Adeleke, who aimed to wreak havoc and scuttle democracy in the state.

CAPP, under Wole Adedoyin, made the allegation on Tuesday after the Council recently addressed the press with two screaming headlines, “IPAC ridicules Adeleke over alleged plans to influence outcome of Governor’s Poll” and “IPAC Takes on PDP Over Alleged Plan to Rig Osun Polls.”

CAPP has slammed the council’s allegation that the PDP and its gubernatorial candidate, Adeleke, want to influence the outcome of gubernatorial polls as false, saying they have no plan to rig an election .

CAPP further alleged that IPAC in Osun State, under the leadership of Wale Adebayo, flouted its code of conduct by publicly condemning one party for another party, when both are members of the same advice. He said it was glaringly lacking in balance, justice and fairness.

The statement said in part: “The primary function of IPAC is to work diligently with INEC to build the capacity of political parties through voter education, sensitization of members and the general public, in order to completely minimize inconclusive elections and to promote a level playing field for all political parties. evenings.

“IPAC is not the mouthpiece of INEC. Turning the IPAC into a political tool against the PDP and its candidate will only bring condemnation and destruction to the Council. The duo of President and Secretary of Osun IPAC are expected to let stakeholders know if the IPAC is now an appendage of the APC government. Both PDP and APC are loyal members of IPAC. The chairman and secretary of Osun IPAC should have posted the releases under their respective political party platforms. There is a need to re-educate them on the purpose and objectives of IPAC. Their actions go against the IPAC Code of Conduct. IPAC is a neutral organization.

CAPP has finally urged the good people of Osun State to disregard the Council’s allegations against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Demola Adeleke, calling them propaganda.

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