Build and Buy Your Dream PC Online Using These Websites

PCs, like many things, are customizable. You can choose your own hardware, such as CPU and GPU, to build your dream PC.

However, you either have to get out of your house and ask for help, or search for the material you’re looking for online, which can be quite a challenge when you’re unfamiliar with the lingo involved.

Here are some websites that might help you build your dream PC easier and faster:


According to make use of article, PC Cyberpower is known for its wide selection of components and one of the best custom PC builder sites in terms of price. If you’re looking to build and buy a basic gaming desk for as little as $769, CyberpowerPC is the site you’ve been looking for.

While the company specializes in gaming PCs and laptops for hardcore gamers, it also offers a variety of services, from professional cable management to water cooling solutions.

However, CyberPowerPC has slower delivery times than those next on our list. If you want your gaming rig to arrive sooner, you’ll have to pay rushed shipping or sign up for Amazon Prime.


A relative newcomer to the custom PC building scene, BLD gives you full control over your ri’s design, from the case to the accompanying peripherals. According to Make it easier article, all you have to do is answer a series of step-by-step questionnaires on the website and the site’s algorithm will choose the PC with the specs you want based on your answers.

Another benefit of BLD is that it tells you which games can be played at which quality, which is helpful in gauging your PC’s potential output.

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BLD by NZXT specializes in high-end PCs, which means you’ll get the best in performance and looks. You can also buy a base desktop PC for $799 and a starter PC for $1,099.

The site offers a 48-hour expedited shipping option after you order your rig, but it charges a flat fee of $350 for shipping and assembly.


Thanks to his experience as an e-commerce company, Micro-center allows its customers to use a custom PC builder to create their own computer. However, those living in the United States can go to the website, build their computer, and then buy it right away.

The e-commerce company specializes in building gaming desktops and workstations that typically start at $800. The website also has a dedicated area for showcasing users’ custom PCs to help others select the version that’s right for them.

original computer

Origin started selling custom PCs since 2009, making it one of the leading websites in the online custom PC building scene. It currently sells pre-built gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and their own cooling solutions and accessories, according to Game analysis. However, it also sells four base gaming PCs that you can customize to your preference.

A unique feature that Origin offers its customers is the ability to customize the rig case with different colors, patterns, and lighting.

However, their pre-built, customizable PCs start at $1,657, which can be a deal breaker for those on a budget. You’ll have to decide if fully customizing your PC, along with the components of your choice, is worth the asking price.

Build my PC

Build my PC is a great tool for checking PC hardware compatibility on Amazon and other merchants, for The PC build. It has a deep compatibility checking algorithm to check the compatibility of the parts you want.

The website also offers bottleneck checking, a power supply calculator, and the ability to explore custom PCs. However, the tool is not so advanced in checking the computer compatibility of various core components.

This website is sure to be a hit with newbies who are still new to the tech jargon of PC gaming. However, pricing for their prebuilt gaming PCs starts at around $1,800, which is on the heavier side of the spectrum.

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