Anker’s all-in-one webcam / mic / light is the gadget we all still need

The ongoing pandemic has thrown another wrench into our back-to-office plans, leaving more room for manufacturers to step up the stake when it comes to remote work equipment. And the new Chinese accessories maker Anker Video bar just might be all you need to be your best in virtual meetings.

AT THOSE this year, Anker unveiled the B600 video bar, an all-in-one video conferencing accessory that combines a speaker, light, microphone and webcam in one device. It sells for a relatively hefty price tag – ($ 220 – but Anker hasn’t cut back on specs, and the Video Bar offers a full list of high-end components.

Like any other webcam, the video bar platform sits on your monitor or TV. It is equipped with a 2K camera sensor that can reach 30 frames per second, a set of built-in speakers and a total of four microphones that can intelligently reduce any background noise and amplify your own voice.

Perhaps the highlight of Anker’s B600 video bar is the light bar above the webcam for people whose room lighting makes them feel like they are reporting from a military bunker. The video bar’s lighting setup also takes advantage of a range of sensors to automatically adjust brightness and white balance. There’s even a physical slider up front that you can tweak to manually adjust the brightness.

The webcam also houses a handful of clever software tricks. Most notably, it can zoom in on its own to always keep the focus on your face, and an image enhancement tool works in the background to fine-tune the flow as much as possible, even over slow connections. The Anker B600 video bar plugs into computers via a USB Type-C cable and offers a companion app to let you fine-tune color temperature and picture quality even further.

The Anker B600 video bar will go on sale in the US for $ 220 starting January 25 and pre-orders open today. Its price is 220 pounds sterling in the United Kingdom and 230 euros in other countries of the European Union.

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